About us

Miloslav Formánek Jr., a current CEO of FORMÁNEK Logistic s.r.o. which was established in 2001, became enthusiastic about the business of forwarding long ago. He was at his secondary-school age when his father bought his first LIAZ truck on hire-purchase. Then the decision was made. At that time there were few freight forwarding companies in the Czech Republic. Most companies successful in this field operated in America, Sweden, and Denmark. The number of trucks started to grow, new drivers were hired, and experience was acquired.

Founding of FORMÁNEK Logistic s.r.o.

FORMÁNEK Logistic s.r.o. was established 13 years ago. The company is not only an international freight carrier, but its main objective is to provide a complex service – to transport goods, arrange for customs clearance and provide all the necessary documents. FORMÁNEK Logistic s.r.o. employs specialists in the field, who are reliable and continuously improving their expertise.

The vision of FORMÁNEK Logistic:

To become a company that anyone who needs to use services of maritime or land transport of containers thinks of first.