FORMÁNEK Logistic – ground and maritime transport

FORMÁNEK Logistic s.r.o., it is the maritime transport of containers and successful business in the market since 1991. We are a company with 100% Czech capital. We specialize mainly in transport of goods in connection with maritime transport and provide all services associated with it.

The mission of the company:

The mission of FORMÁNEK Logistic s.r.o. is to provide every client with the transport services of sea containers of the highest quality with regard to their specific needs. The essential part of our mission is to become our customers´ long-term partner in transport because we believe that values such as mutual respect, trust and reliability in the performance of contracts will lead not only to the success of FORMÁNEK Logistic s.r.o., but mainly of our business partners.

Why you should opt for transport with us
  1. we are quick
  2. we are reliable
  3. we are flexible
  4. we care about each individual shipment regardless of the volume
  5. each client is our partner not only an ordinary customer